Game set and match ready to go…


Thanks to all who came along to help us. Phani Kiran, Ashwin, Shyam, Aditya, Siddharth, Dhiraj, Bhaskar, Vickey, and everyone else whose name I might be missing.

The pitch looks glorious under the lights and we should have a cracking tournament lined up. See you all tomorrow.

Pitch Report:

There is not enough bounce on the pitch. Nonetheless, we must have true bounce. The ball when it pitches on some of the soft spots and crease on the mats will hold up a little bit. But one should expect this factor to subside away as the tournament is about three or four matches old. The ball also skids on the surface and it calls for batting with straight bat. This is the pitch that will not require the services of slip fielders unless the bowler can produce the cutters off the pitch. Someone who can turn the ball at a decent pace can be a handy spinner to have in the side. Over all, this one is a great batting pitch. A team with good batsmen on the board will try to bat first and put a huge total on the board. Anywhere between 7-8 runs an over must be a score that can be chased down. One cannot say if a team is safe even if they score 80 in 10 overs.

The outfield is still drying up from all the rain we have had the past 3-4 days. But the one at flower gardens is definitely faster than the Orchard Fields. On Friday we are not going to see many boundaries all along the carpet. But I am sure, it will be a classic outfield on Saturday, if we do not have any further overnight rains.

A challenging time for the batsmen would be between 6 pm to 7:30 pm or so when the daylight goes out and the flood lights take over. It will be a little difficult to get yourself adjusted. But when the floodlights are in full swing there was no problems sighting the yellow ball in pitch as well as in the outfield.

That is a recipe for a spicy tournament. Game on.


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