Super Substitutes

Teams that have more than 9 players in their squad will be allowed to use one of their non-playing members as a “super substitute”. The name of the super sub must be announced “after the toss” along with the names of other players. This will remove any advantage for the team that wins the toss. However, at any case only 9 players will be allowed to field, bat and bowl. The inclusion of the super sub will imply relieving the duties of one player who is already a part of the playing 9. Most teams use the super sub as a specialist bowler who will replace a specialist batsmen or vice versa.

Here are some specifics about this rule:

1. The super sub can come into the game anytime of the match in place of any other player, either after the first ball or only for the last ball, but the moment he comes, one player has to go out and he can’t come back and take any further part in the one day match any more.

2. The super sub can do anything the captain wishes him to – bat , bowl, field or even keep the wickets.

3. The replaced player will be ruled out of the rest of the match while the replacement will be entitled to assume any remaining batting or bowling duties.


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