Bad Weather

It has rained for about 8 hours now and the forecasts say it will rain all through the day. We have decided to take a call on the matches one-at-a-time. Announcements will be made half hour before the scheduled start of each game.

But, worry not. We have better conditions tomorrow and all matches will go on as per the schedule.

For today, Aditya Raghunath will take a call on the first game (PSU Royal Challengers vs. White Tigers) at 4:30 pm. In case, the match cannot played today, we are looking into the possibility of rescheduling the game tomorrow in Orchard Fields. Please check back to see more updates.


One Response to Bad Weather

  1. Bhaskar says:

    It’s sad to see how rains are affecting the tournament. Getting permissions for field for 3 days is a tough one in the first case. I hope the management will be able to do something. Wishing you guys luck,

    And needless to say, the outfield will be all mushy-gushy…

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