It begins… Now!!!


We are back in business. The sun is slowly warming itself up and it is just a matter of few days before the girls turn hotter. Importantly, we have scores to settle on the cricket field. Yes. The Penn State Cricket tournament is back starting this April 8th to 10th in Flower Gardens and Orchard Fields.

A lot of things have changed. Well, of course (in the words of Dhoni), Subash is still here in State College, PA. But everything else has changed for the good. Hopefully, we will try to bring in the best of what we all can in this website.

Check out the other sections on the fixtures, points table and results. As usual, we will try to bring in statistics from this tournament as well. So, let see who gets the purple and the yellow caps.

Any suggestions, comments, concerns and kicks are most welcome. Keep it clicking friends.