Champion – White Tigers

It was a great finish to the tournament. The White Tigers defeated RainaMen by 2 runs. I hope everyone enjoyed all the action on the field. Special mention to Orchard Dark Knights and Chennai Super Kings for putting up a great show. Many thanks to all the teams, players, and organizers for putting up a good show amid the rain, bad weather and all the rescheduling that went in.

Man of the Series: Dheeraj Mohata

Special mention to Rohan Belvalkar who set Orchard Dark Knights on fire. His innings of 53 not out in 20 balls in the semifinals against White Tigers was not something that is part of this world. Salute.

Simply terrific.

Congratulations White Tigers.


Team in Review: White Tigers

Just Kidding:

Be it the book that got unnecessary attention or the Paras Choudhary days at Penn State, a tiny little chuckle should pop up for any one who has been a part of the PSCC journey when they hear the name “White Tigers”. Paras was fondly chastised as “Para-Para” by Matter. But he is still remembered as “E-Tiger” for his heroics in our IPSU emailing group when he single handedly took on PSCC organizers in the light of corruptive malfunctioning and mismanagement of money. It was like watching one of those Robinhood movies. While everyone purchased a ticket at the counter by paying the entry fee, Paras chose to be the popcorn seller blowing the whistle. Nonetheless, he was the founding father of the White Tigers. Jokes and digression apart, what is it about this team that makes them a tough cookie to crack?

Key Players:

Dheeraj is obviously one of the most important part of this team. A steady bowler… (click here to read more)

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