Team Reviews

Blue Rowdies

Thanks to some enthusiastic effort by Phani Kiran, Blue Rowdies and White Tigers are two teams participating in this tournament. Most of the players are graduate students in the Petroleum Engineering department. PSCC wishes to thank these two teams for putting together two significantly strong teams to participate in this tournament.

Now, all the gratefulness aside, lets try to review the team.

Key Players:

Sarath Pavan is going to be… (click here to read more)


White Tigers

Just Kidding:

Be it the book that got unnecessary attention or the Paras Choudhary days at Penn State, a tiny little chuckle should pop up for any one who has been a part of the PSCC journey when they hear the name “White Tigers”. Paras was fondly chastised as “Para-Para” by Matter. But he is still remembered as “E-Tiger” for his heroics in our IPSU emailing group when he single handedly took on PSCC organizers in the light of corruptive malfunctioning and mismanagement of money. It was like watching one of those Robinhood movies. While everyone purchased a ticket at the counter by paying the entry fee, Paras chose to be the popcorn seller blowing the whistle. Nonetheless, he was the founding father of the White Tigers. Jokes and digression apart, what is it about this team that makes them a tough cookie to crack?

Key Players:

Dheeraj is obviously one of the most important part of this team. A steady bowler… (click here to read more)


Chennai Super Kings

At last they have a name to call them out. At last they have grown some balls to play cricket. At last they have understood homeworks, projects and exams are not what is important in their lives. At last they have learnt to look through the mirage of designing experiments, optimizing supply chains and simulating the not-so-exciting systems. At last they are playing in the Penn State Cricket tournament. Touchwood. Touchwood. Dr. Kumara would be proud of them and hopefully he will want to see them win because:

Key Players:

Prince Asirseelan is a regular member in the Penn State Cricket Team. He is a busy player whose scratchy Jayawardane + Ponting like innings in the Mid-Atlantic series… (click here to read more)

Hyderabad Nawabs

Key Players:

The late addition of Srinidhi in their team makes the Nawabs a formiddable opponent. He is a consistent bowler who can work up good amount of pace and importantly can incorporate a lot of repeatability in the lines and lengths he is asked to bowl. That makes him difficult to score off and a wicket-taker. In the past tournaments, he has been the big match player who has taken crucial wickets… (click here to read more)



Key Players:

This is not to scare away any one. But Kunal Suthar is the first to score a century in a Penn State Tournament. And we have had only two so far. Mahesh Krishnamurthi scored a century as well, but that was a T20 game. This one, as some of you may not believe me, was a 10-over game. Whatever the bowling credentials were of the opponent, it was a treat to watch. Mahesh himself would concede to Kunal’s unbelievable innings in Spring last year… (click here to read more)


Orchard Dark Knights

Key Players:

Being tall with a high arm action should help Vickey to be the most defining bowler of the Orchard Dark Knights team. He is going to get a lot of skid off the wicket and that is good enough to trouble even the best batsman around.Siddharth Advani is a key batsman in this side and he will look to play the sheet anchor’s role in the batting line up. While we are not sure about Rohan Belvalkar‘s participation in this side… (click here to read more)


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