Blue Rowdies

Thanks to some enthusiastic effort by Phani Kiran, Blue Rowdies and White Tigers are two teams participating in this tournament. Most of the players are graduate students in the Petroleum Engineering department. PSCC wishes to thank these two teams for putting together two significantly strong teams to participate in this tournament.

Now, all the gratefulness aside, lets try to review the team.

Key Players:

Sarath Pavan is going to be so big a rogue for this team that he could be their ruthless criminal and a nuisance for opponent teams. Recently, in a practice session, in only a few balls he bowled to Vikram Kumar (yes, thats an official player profile!!!), he managed not only to claim his wicket off a ripper of a bouncer directed at his head but also managed to bruise Vikram’s thumb. The bruise made a huge impact on Vikram that he became so vehement on getting him in the Penn State cricket team. The head of the rowdies, Phani Kiran says, “Sarath is an important player in the side. But unfortunately he will not be taking part in many games because of his back injury. He is sure to take the field against Industrial Engineering team on Friday.” When he opens the bowling for the rowdies, Prince and Rajiv must have to strategize ways to negotiate his crucial 3 overs that might well decide the outcome of this game.

Kamlesh Singh has surprised higher powers in our cricket club by his nippy left-arm medium pace. With his round arm action mostly bowling around the wickets, he creates a difficult angle for the right handers and he is going to be a difficult proposition for the opponents.

Though historically he has been a touch unsuccessful or otherwise unlucky, Rahul BG adds dimensionality to any bowling attack. He is claimed to be a “Left Arm Chinaman” bowler. But Rahul says, “I am not a chinaman bowler. I consider myself to be a regulation left arm spinner who has a bit of variation. Yes, sometimes I do bowl the wrong one. But thats the whole point. I want batsman to keep guessing.”

Needless to say their captain Phani Kiran is a decent medium pace bowler and when he gets his line right, he is going to do the containing job. We all still remember the Summer Cricket League (SCL) when he and CST put on an undefeated partnership, held their nerves, took their team home and importantly made a statement about their capabilities. They will need a lot of help from Siddharth, Amey and Abhinav if they plan to put some points against their name in the table.

Rating: Bowling (7/10),Ā Batting (6/10), Overall (6.5/10)


Considering their schedule, their game against Industrial Engineering can go any way. But they must coast fairly easily against Indian Tigers. They are not the team that will give up without a fight. That will enable them gain important points in the tournament, at all departments of the game. Whatever happens in these two games, by all means, they must book their tickets to the quarterfinals.


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