Chennai Super Kings

At last they have a name to call them out. At last they have grown some balls to play cricket. At last they have understood homeworks, projects and exams are not what is important in their lives. At last they have learnt to look through the mirage of designing experiments, optimizing supply chains and simulating the not-so-exciting systems. At last they are playing in the Penn State Cricket tournament. Touchwood. Touchwood. Dr. Kumara would be proud of them and hopefully he will want to see them win because:

Key Players:

Prince Asirseelan is a regular member in the Penn State Cricket Team. He is a busy player whose scratchy Jayawardane + Ponting like innings in the Mid-Atlantic series saw the Nittany Lions through to their only victory in the tournament. The strength of his batting is to see through tougher bowling periods and capitalize on scoring opportunities. He played a key role in motivating his boys and putting together one of the better sides in this tournament. However, he likes to underplay their chances. He said, “We have had a few practice games. And honestly, I feel none of us are any where near hitting form.” But he mentioned the team has been working on strategizing a few surprise elements when they take on the RainaMen.

Aditya Raghunath may have muddled up methods while he puts his brains to use but he is one of the best bowlers at Penn State. Personally, I admire him for his cricketing acumen. Once an athletic soccer player as my sources say about his past, he runs in hard and has a genuine off-cutter that angles away from the right handers. But here is my warning to him – do not let yourself tied down by the pressures in organizing this event. Rajiv must be providing them solidity in their batting at the top and Subikshan would be the finisher when it comes to the middle order, not to mention his medium pace bowling. They both are experienced players with competitive cricket background in their resumes. Easwar, Srinivas and Vasanth should be the entertainers that would add some spice to the match-ups. One of the silent observer of this team says, Aravind Varadarajan’s action could cause some serious confusion to the batsmen. He might well be the surprise element Prince was talking about. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention. Vijay Ananth is in their team. Big Hitter. Watch out.


Batting (8/10), Bowling (7.5/10), Overall (8/10)


Here is one of the teams who are potentially looking at an upset. I say this because their match against the Blue Rowdies can go either way. It must be the most closest games of the tournament. Their next game is against RainaMen which is supposed to be the favorites to win the tournament. That makes their prospects depend on the outcome of their game against Blue Rowdies. If they win that game, they are sure to make it to the quarter finals and possibly a semi final birth.

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