Hyderabad Nawabs

Key Players:

The late addition of Srinidhi in their team makes the Nawabs a formiddable opponent. He is a consistent bowler who can work up good amount of pace and importantly can incorporate a lot of repeatability in the lines and lengths he is asked to bowl. That makes him difficult to score off and a wicket-taker. In the past tournaments, he has been the big match player who has taken crucial wickets and scored the runs when it needed the most – a cool, calm and composed cricketer who would be wanted for the Nawabs when they move on to the knockout stages of the tournament. A typical innings from Srinidhi would involve textbook coverdrives, on-drives and pulls. Especially, when it comes to chasing down big runs in pressure situations, Srinidhi has a history of delivering under pressure.

Another big-hitter around in their side is Ravi. You can have a mid-wicket as deep as you want and you can keep a fielder in any position you want, but you have to have some tall guys there. Because Ravi can muscle the ball really hard. Thanks to him, we have seen some of the flattest sixers live! His bowling is also going to play an important role. You might think he is a spinner. But he has a run-up that measures hardly 3-4 meters. But he can generate a lot of pace. Srikar, the captain of the side, is also a steady scorer, good athlete and decent bowler.

Ratings: Bowling (8/10), Batting (8/10), Overall (8/10)

Prediction: If this tournament was played on paper, Nawabs would be an automatic qualifiers for the semi-finals, or even the finals. But we are playing this on a cricket field. They are taking on two relative strong teams – Zor Ka Jhatka and Orchard Dark Knights – in the league stages. Any upset whatsoever there would mean they are going to face some problems. But if they manage to scrape through undefeated, they are sure to face easier teams in the quarters and the semis.



2 Responses to Hyderabad Nawabs

  1. abdul rahman says:

    hi ….i want to play cricket matches if anybody is really mean it plzzz they can take in their team ,,,,im leg spinner, medium fast bowler right hand batsmen

    • Sathish Reddy says:

      Hi!!!! Iam satish. I want to play cricket but do not know the approach.Had played in Gurgoan and Hydrabad on behalf of my company.It would be great if some one can take me in their team.Iam an all rounder.Contact me :9989244366.Thanks!!!!

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