White Tigers

Just Kidding:

Be it the book that got unnecessary attention or the Paras Choudhary days at Penn State, a tiny little chuckle should pop up for any one who has been a part of the PSCC journey when they hear the name “White Tigers”. Paras was fondly chastised as “Para-Para” by Matter. But he is still remembered as “E-Tiger” for his heroics in our IPSU emailing group when he single handedly took on PSCC organizers in the light of corruptive malfunctioning and mismanagement of money. It was like watching one of those Robinhood movies. While everyone purchased a ticket at the counter by paying the entry fee, Paras chose to be the popcorn seller blowing the whistle. Nonetheless, he was the founding father of the White Tigers. Jokes and digression apart, what is it about this team that makes them a tough cookie to crack?

Key Players:

Dheeraj is obviously one of the most important part of this team. A steady bowler whose main intention is to contain the batsmen makes him very difficult to score off. His batting capabilities and basic technique would imply he would play the sheet-anchor’s role when the White Tigers come on to bat. Hey, but wait!! If you think that I am talking about Dheeraj Singhla, you are so mistaken. I am in fact talking about the other Dheeraj. Dheeraj Mohata. Make no guesses any more about Singhla and his capabilities. Because you could easily mistake him for that just-another-person-in-the-crowd who will hoot, woot and cheer, only that he will be in the field. The only department of the game he will challenge the opposition is he will confuse the heck out of scorers. Recently, in a gully version of our tournament, not a single ball bowled and Singhla opening the innings with the bat, he so unabashedly announced as the bowler was running in to bowl the first ball – “Achha!! shuru… Score 7 for 0″. Shyam will have to watch out keenly.

Jashwanth Mentey is another big-hitter who is touted to be the replica of the man-beast around at Penn State. He is a lovely cricketer who understands the spirit of the game in all sense – fights when he needs to, and walks when he feels to. One of the few walkers who still exist in the game. Example, read this match report. Akhil Kumar is the fastest, tallest and the laziest bowler at Penn State. His performance, I hear, now will be inversely proportional to the size of the rod threatening to pierce his backside. Only he and I can understand what I said. However, I am sure he should get in good shape in all departments when he gets the cricket ball to open the bowling for the White Tigers. Shashank of late has been a little subdued thanks to responsibilities at work. He is too good an all rounder (Right Arm Fast and Steady batsman) to be bogged down by irrelevant things that doesn’t add any value to life – a.k.a. a Graduate Degree. But when I heard about reports from a few practice matches against the Chennai Super Kings (previously Industrial Engineering) when they drubbed them 3-0, I am sure he must have his tails up and wagging.


Based on their current strengths and quality of players, I am going with the following ratings:

Batting (7/10), Bowling (8/10), Overall (7.5/10).


White Tigers are taking on PSU Royal Challengers in their first game. Unless the royals live up to the reputation of their team name, they are bound to have white tiger scratches all over them. Or as Ravi Shastri would say it, they would be all over them like rash. However, in their second game, I am thinking they are going to have their tasks cut out against IUP Sharks. From what I remember of the Sharks in their previous visit, they have a very good batting unit that can challenge even the toughest of the bowling attacks. Akhil will have to be at his best to ensure they pass this test. But given the heavy weights they have in their side, I am going to say they are one team who are sure to go through to the semi-finals. If they do manage to go beyond this stage, I would put my money on them to bag the trophy.


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